8 Accessories That Make A Traveler’s Life Easier

//8 Accessories That Make A Traveler’s Life Easier

The past three years have thought me a thing or two and through my journey I’ve grown as a person and as a traveler. While at the onset I wouldn’t have realized the importance of certain items, I definitely do now. I’ve learned this by talking to other travelers and observing people around me. The more I thought about it the more I wished that the novice I was three years ago had the same information I do now.

I’ve pulled together a list of 8 accessories that make a traveler’s life easier in hopes that it will help people who are just starting out on their own adventures.



It doesn’t matter whether you use a backpack or a suitcase. We’ve all been through that annoying phase where we pack our bags neatly when we leave only to discover somewhere mid trip that everything doesn’t fit inside the bag. You’ve probably not bought much either. This usually means unpacking your entire bag and repacking it neatly. Quite frankly this can be a pain in the a**. Packing cubes however seem to be the answer to this misery.

No more shoving and jumping on your bag just to make it zip up! Definitely something that I had to add on my list of accessories that make a traveler’s life easier!

Divide your stuff within different packing cubes. Each time you remove something, you are forced to put it back in such a way that it needs to fit inside that particular cube.



Never ever underestimate the value of a travel adapter. When I first set foot outside of India, I did not know that sockets and pins were different in other countries. Luckily for me Shawn was an absolute pro. Today we each have our own travel adapters that we carry even when we travel together. You can’t be too careful! I would hate to reach another country only to realize that I can’t use my electronics because the pins don’t match.



I hate when my phone battery dies on a long journey. In today’s world we are so dependent on our phones for almost everything. Uber, Google maps and even for online transactions. My phone is literally my lifeline when I’m on the go. In order to ensure that I do not run out of charge at an awkward moment I always ensure that my portable charger is charged and with me. I would suggest that you should get one too!



The Go Pro is definitely something that I have pondering about getting for a while. Unlike the other items on the list, the Go Pro is expensive. That’s the reason I’ve put it off for a while. Don’t get me wrong. I love my DSLR camera but the Go Pro offers a flexibility that it doesn’t. It’s small so weight isn’t an issue, it’s waterproof so it’s great for water related activities and it comes with a variety of attachments which can be used on different terrains. I’m still in a limbo about when I will buy one and I hope I will be able to afford one sooner rather than later.



One may wonder why I add a thermos flask to my list. One of the first times that we carried a thermos flask was when we were traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia. We filled it up with hot water and used the hot water to cook our noodles when we were on the move. We alternatively used it to carry cold water in hot climates. When we were walking through the Arctic in Russia, we even filled it up with Baileys and mind you that was an interesting experience!

In my opinion a thermos flask is one of those accessories that make a traveler’s life easier. On a side note make sure that you choose a size that you are comfortable with.



If there is one thing that I have learned while traveling it is that my exercise regimen always goes for a toss. Either I don’t get any exercise (other than walking that is!) or I over do it (usually when there is crystal clear water around!). The latter however happens rarely in comparison to the former. That brings up a vital question. How do you stay fit and travel? What do you do if you can’t hit the gym and you don’t want to/can’t run? Exercise bands are a great alternative. They aren’t too heavy so they are easy to pack and carry. Definitely recommend these especially if you are going on long term travel. It’s one of those accessories that make a traveler’s life easier!

QUICK TIP: You don’t have to carry all the bands. Once you use them you will know which resistance band suit you best. Just pick those. It will help reduce your load even further.



When you are on a vacation you usually want to look your best. Unfortunately waxing is just so difficult when you are on the go and it is really expensive. Even if the price doesn’t bother me, I keep worrying about the hygiene related aspects in a new place. The easiest way to get around this is to get an epilator. I got one a few months back before I headed out to Vietnam and it has really been a blessing. It’s safe and easy to use. Definitely makes my list of accessories that make a traveler’s life easier.



When my friend told me that a Sarong is a travelers best friend I gave her a puzzled look. While in Indonesia I took her advice and got one. Best thing I have ever done. I’ve used it as a towel (those things are super absorbent!), wrapped it around me as soon as I had a swim, spread it out on the beach for picnic and even used it as a shawl. Sarongs are versatile and occupy very little space in your bag. To be fair I find them the most useful in South East Asia.

There are loads of accessories out there that are really helpful. Some are expensive and some don’t cost that much. Have you stumbled across something that you can’t travel without? Do drop a comment and let me know. Let’s learn from each other.

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  1. Down South NZ August 8, 2017 at 1:24 am - Reply

    Great post!!! Awesome info for travellers.

    • Penny August 8, 2017 at 10:26 pm - Reply

      I’m so glad that you found it useful. 🙂 More tips on their way soon!

  2. Farah August 22, 2017 at 5:39 am - Reply

    Most of these are my essentials when traveling… Great options. 🙂

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