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The Allure Of Vietnam

Situated in South East Asia, Vietnam should be on every traveller’s list because of the rich heritage and history that the country has to offer. The varied terrain of Vietnam makes for a diverse set of experiences. Beaches, islands, caves, rice fields, hiking, etc. are all part of the different facets of the country. While we spent so much time in Vietnam, we still find ourselves being called back. You will find that the country has both sides of the coin. You can enjoy in the lap of luxury or you can head out on a shoestring budget. That is what makes it so alluring.

If you are looking for a comprehensive glimpse of Vietnam, then we would suggest thumbing through our Vietnam Travel Guide. It covers the basics of costs, transportation, packing guides and important attractions. It also helps you catch a glimpse of the culture of the people who live in the country. The Vietnam travel guide however is just one facet to GlobeTrove’s Vietnam travel blog. It’s all about the country in a nutshell.

Vietnam Travel Guide

Vietnam: Travel Itineraries & Travel Guides

At first planning a Vietnam travel itinerary seems daunting. There are so many parts of the country that seem interesting and unfortunately most travellers are faced with a time crunch when planning their Vietnam travel itinerary. To help you through the process, we have compiled a series of travel guides on the country as a whole and its cities. The diverse information provided by the itineraries and guides will help you select locations based on your interests and will help fine tune your itinerary. Just scroll through Globetrove’s Vietnam Travel blog to find what you need.


Hanoi is popularly known as the capital of Vietnam. Situated at the North of the country, Hanoi is far from your usual bustling city. While the streets are crowded and busy there is subtle personality that captures the visitor in its net. So whether it is good food or shopping or just history you are after, you will find that Hanoi has it all!

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Things to do in Hanoi
Sapa Vietnam


Nestled at the very top of Vietnam lies a small town called Sapa which is famous for its colorful rice fields, hikes, waterfalls and traditional villages. The temperatures of this area are pretty chilly but it doesn’t deter people from visiting Sapa for its beauty cannot be described nor can its peace be underestimated.

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Halong bay is situated towards the North of Vietnam and is probably one of the most famous places in the country. The silent ocean lapping at its shores, the multitude of islands that dot the coast and the numerous activities that Halong bay has to offer is drawing more tourists to it every year.

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Monkey Island


Hoi An is a small French colony that is today considered one of the heritage sites of Vietnam. Wandering around the city will give you a great deal of insight on the architecture and the problems that the Vietnamese face because of its proximity to the river. You will find that Hoi An is a city that transforms as the sun sets. It comes alive as the night market opens, food stalls are arranged and lanterns are lit. It is a sight that I will never forget.

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Ninh Binh is popularly known as the Halong Bay on land because the Karst topography resembles the one you see in Halong Bay. Long peaceful boat rides through tunnels and temples/pagodas of various sizes gives you a glimpse into the traditional life of the Vietnamese. The outskirts of the city is calm, off the beaten track but not to hard to get to. Definitely a place where you would want to take your motorbike and ride off to.

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Presidential palace in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam


Ho Chi Minh is also well known as Saigon and is situated at the south of Vietnam very close to the Mekong delta. It is a popular stop for tourists visiting the area. The hustle and the bustle of the crowded roads takes getting used to but no one seems to mind. In fact it is this same activity that gives Ho Chi Minh the personality that it has become famous for. It presents is an opportunity for growth, for development and a chance to leave the past behind.

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Globetrove’s Vietnam travel blog has a number of itineraries, guides and articles that can help you plan your trip to perfection. We are constantly working to add to our resources and would love to hear about your experiences and suggestions. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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