• Bali to Gili Trawangan

Crossing The Sea To Reach Gili T.

Gili Trawangan certainly brings to mind a number of pleasant memories. In fact I often think of going back there. While people have different experiences on the island, I was glad to have visited its [...]


Anyone who knows me knows about my fascination with all things Dutch. The obsession came into being after I visited Netherlands two years ago (Can't believe it has been so long!). That being said I [...]

The Annunciation Cathedral In The Moscow Kremlin

The sky was grey and the cold was biting but we were excited. We had just got our tickets and had made our way into the Kremlin. One of the stops that we made on [...]

  • Sami village in Murmansk

Life In A Sami Village In Murmansk Russia

Murmansk was definitely one of my favorite places to be in Russia. In fact I still look back at those days with nostalgia. While most people don’t get why the idea of heading up to [...]

  • Connecting with Jeremy From Think Travel Lift Grow

Connecting With Jeremy From Think Travel Lift Grow

My phone beeped and I glanced at the WhatsApp message that I had received. My Dad had just informed me that his friend’s son was in the same area that we were in. Where is [...]

Have You Crawled Through The Cu Chi Tunnels?

All through our journey in Vietnam, we had heard a lot of buzz about the famed Cu Chi tunnels. I guess that was one of the main reasons why we were determined to take a [...]

  • Cat adoption drive

The Bangalore Cat Adoption Drive

I often grumble that I have no idea what to do in Bangalore on the weekends. Being a part of the Bangalore Cat Squad however is something that I enjoy and it has led to [...]

  • Bromo To Ijen

FROM BROMO TO IJEN: The Journey Begins!

Life is all about what you do and where you go. After an amazing couple of days at Mount Bromo, we were finally all set to head out to our next destination: Mount Ijen! Yes… [...]

  • thriftytravelertips@gmail.com

Connecting With Ashley From No Place Like Anywhere

While I was looking for different travel bloggers to interview regarding Travel itineraries, I stumbled across Ashley who got in touch with me via email. Ashley runs her own travel blog called No Place Like [...]