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All images on GlobeTrove are the property of Globetrove unless stated otherwise. Globetrove’s images bear its name on them. Use of these images in any form are strictly prohibited.


GlobeTrove is working in collaboration with Google AdSense. Hence from time to time Google AdSense advertisements may appear on the page. This is another way in which GlobeTrove aims to earn revenue. GlobeTrove may also place advertisements from individual contractors from time to time.


GlobeTrove undertakes sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are post which an individual or a company contracts GlobeTrove to write about/review an experience or a product. GlobeTrove will receive monetary compensation for the work incurred. If you are reading a sponsored post a disclaimer will be provided at the bottom of the post for your information.


Note that GlobeTrove has financial relationships (via affiliate programs) with some of the merchants on this blog. GlobeTrove will be compensated if you should choose to use the links provided and generate sales provided to said merchant. You however are not obligated to click on any of the links.

GlobeTrove is a participant of the Amazon affiliate programs which are affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. It is also important to note that the ‘Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo’ are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Clicking on the associate link will lead to no additional charges on your purchase. The affiliate program benefits GlobeTrove through advertising fees only.

GlobeTrove is a member of the Booking.com affiliate program. From time to time advertisements for various booking.com listings may appear on your page. GlobeTrove is not responsible for any untoward incidents/liabilities that may occur as a result of a booking. The affiliate program is just a mode of advertisement. GlobeTrove earns an advertising commission every time a referred individual makes a booking. It is also important to note that the advertised venues have not been tried and tested by GlobeTrove unless specifically mentioned in the post. We at GlobeTrove urge you to check the reviews of any potential accommodation before booking it. Safety should always be your number one policy.



GlobeTrove may collect details like your name, email address or any other details that will help you enjoy an optimum experience on the site. Rest assured the site will ask you to enter these details so you will know just what information GlobeTrove has access to!


The information is collected when you fill out a form on GlobeTrove. You have the right to deny GlobeTrove the said information. As stated above, the information is used to optimize your experience on the site.


GlobeTrove has not, does not and will not participate in selling or trading any form of Personal Identifiable Information.


GlobeTrove may use third party links from time to time. Kindly note that these third party websites (to which you may be linked to) have their own privacy policy and terms of use. GlobeTrove therefore has no responsibility and liability related to the content and the activities of these sites.


GlobeTrove uses Google Analytics to analyze its user traffic data. Google Analytics helps us deliver content that is most appropriate for the audience that we are catering to.


We at GlobeTrove take data safety seriously. The data that we collect from you is used only to provide a personalized experience. In order to track analytics, we use cookies. The data collected by the cookies is anonymous beyond your location and the data you have consented to share.

This is also used to personalize advertisements. This cookie data is shared with Google Adsense which is the advertisement platform that is used by GlobeTrove.

All Affiliates used by GlobeTrove are GDPR compliant.


GlobeTrove does not send out newsletters and does not collect data for the same.


You have a right to

  • Know how your data is being collected.
  • Have access to the data that is collected.
  • Ask us to delete/change your data.

GlobeTrove is GDPR compliant. If at any point, you should want to have your information (i.e. comments) amended or removed kindly get in touch with us. We do not retain a secondary copy of the readers/comments information without prior permission.

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