Picking A Perfect Place To Stay In Pondicherry

//////Picking A Perfect Place To Stay In Pondicherry

Our trip to Pondicherry was supposed to be a quiet and inexpensive affair. It should come as no surprise that we were looking for cheap places to stay in Pondicherry. We found the Aadhaar Guest House on Booking.com and booked it off. At a little over Rs. 800/- (approximately $12) we did not think twice about it and to be honest we did not expect much. To say that we were pleasantly surprise is putting it mildly. Before we go any further I would like to emphasize that all opinions are our own. We paid for our accommodation and we did not receive any form of incentive to write this article. The only reason I’m writing about the Aadhaar Guest house is because we loved it.


Places to stay in Pondicherry

The gorgeous view.

I’m going to be honest. While our glided through the streets of Pondicherry and took us a little away from the heart of town, I was a bit disappointed. The fact that we would not be bang on the beach was just so sad. That was after all why we had headed to Pondicherry. We parked our car on the main road and proceeded to walk down the narrow lane that would take us to the guest house that we had selected over numerous other places to stay in Pondicherry. The fact that it had high ratings on the site did not do much to alleviate my concerns.


places to stay in Pondicherry

One of the many ornate windows in the guest house.

There is something about the Aadhaar guest house that immediately puts you at ease. Our room was on the second floor and it had what Shawn called a Hobbit door. By that he meant that the doors were small. It was the kind of door that opened from both sides and had thick cast iron hinges. Me… I had no problem. For once the benefits of being short ranked high.


places to stay in Pondicherry

Our quaint little room. The photograph does not do it justice!

The room that they gave us in the Aadhaar guest house was one that would make the ten year old me jump with joy. A cane bed at the center occupied most of the space and a tall ancient looking cupboard guarded it on the right. The bathroom was large and spacious. Even the fixtures looked old. What caught my attention however was the tiny door capped with a stained glass window that led to a small balcony outside. Two chairs and a small table meant that we could sit and watch the lighthouse and the sea right from our very room. Well… The sea was a distance away and you could see it but not very well. The lighthouse however was prominent and it made me feel like I was living in an Enid Blyton book.


Places to stay in Pondicherry

A hammock and a good book… That’s the picture of contentment.

The room itself was gorgeous and we were definitely not complaining. Being on the second floor meant that we had to climb just one more floor to the terrace. Curiosity got the better of me and despite my tryst with bronchitis, Shawn and I climbed up to see what the terrace had to offer. The first thing that I noticed was the view, the second was the hammock and then the kitchen. Too tired to move around, I curled up in the hammock and read my book. Shawn joined me and we spent a quiet evening there before heading out to the city for dinner.

Places to stay in Pondicherry

The well equipped kitchen.

There was a lot to love about the Aadhaar guest house. Sure, you there are a number of places to stay in Pondicherry that are closer to the city and the beach. They however aren’t that far away from the beach as you think. Its only 2 kilometers away and if you really don’t want to walk it out, the guest house provides cycles for your use.

All in all, I think that if I ever go back I’m not going to hunt for places to stay in Pondicherry. The peace that I found in the Aadhaar guest house was enough to convince me that it is the place for me. If the concept intrigues you as much as it did us then you can use this link to book a room.

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