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I was browsing through NetGalley when I stumbled across Silverhorn by Marri Champie. It was the over that really caught my eye. The gorgeous drawing that captures a stag walking through the forest while a young woman watches him. In a sense, it captures the story that the Marri Champie penned down. The cover however would not have made think of fantasy immediately. It was the short description that was provided that let me know exactly what I was going to spend the next couple of hours reading. Normally, I would include a bit about the author, but I haven’t been able to find any reliable information on Marri Champie. If I do get some information from the publishers at a later date, I will definitely update this post.



Marri Champi throws bought myth and fiction together to produce a gripping tale about America’s first inhabitants. One of the things that I love about the book is the characters. They aren’t orthodox. They are quirky unique and have captivating personalities that you may be able to relate to. If you can’t then it isn’t hard to picture them in your mind’s eye. Willa MacLeod is the primary character who is obsessed with the myth that circles around Silverhorn. While, she may have short spiked white hair and a quirky sense of humour, she also knows her history and is well read. Looks definitely do not define her and neither does society. Her passion? Music and that is what makes her famous in her community.

The other characters in the book are equally vibrant. Silverhorn is a tale which blends fantasy and reality. One after all cannot exist without the other. The added mystery that shrouds Willa’s  mother’s disappearance, her father’s pain and the numerous things that just keep going wrong in the vicinity will keep you on your toes. Silverhorn Canyon has a legend. One that is alluded to through the book. It is also the source of Willa’s mysterious obsession. A part of her of her believes that the legend has something to do with her mother’s disappearance. Her hunt for the truth takes her on a path that she does not anticipate. One that leads her to fall in love with an older man. A man her father will learn to call son. The problem however is whether love will last or will Willa have to deal with the same kind of heartbreak that has haunted her father for years.

I truly believe that Silverhorn by Marri Champie is a book for those people who want to believe in magic. It shows us the layers of society and it captures just how diverse people are. The book has a nice tempo though it gets interrupted intermittently. Overall, it is an interesting read.

Have you read Silverhorn by Marri Champie yet? If so think about picking your copy soon.

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