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To say that I fell in love with Russia was rather an understatement. One of the tales that I heard as I travelled was that of the Romanovs. I even had a chance to visit their graves when I was in St. Petersburg although, I did not really know much of the story then. It gave me a taste of the mystery that surrounded the demise of the royal family and it intrigued me. So when I read the description of Romanov by Nadine Brandes on NetGalley, I really had to put in a request to read it. I was lucky enough to be granted access to a copy and I must say that it is one that I couldn’t put down till the end.


Nadine Brandes is an award wining author and since I received the book for review on Net Galley, I don’t have much information from the publishers. I will try and update this information when and if I can get in touch with them. One thing that I can say after reading Romanov by Nadine Brandes is that she is a talented writer who pays due attention to detail and who researches extensively. I can say this because I have spent a month in Russia and while I was reading the book, I felt as if I was back there with the people.



Based in the Historical fiction genre, Romanov by Nadine Brandes talks about the Romanov family who were the tsars or kings of Russia. During the revolution, the tsar was forced to abdicate the throne and was taken into the exile. Based on the facts that exist, Nadine weaves a tale of fear, hope and magic as the family faces a life that they never expected. From soldiers guarding their door to scarcely a morsel of food on their plate, the Romanov family were put through the harshest conditions.

The Tsar believed that humility and kindness for everyone was something that his family should learn and as time passed by, they soon began to form bonds with the very guards that kept them in their prison. These bonds however have unforeseeable consequences. Anastasia better known as Nastya finds herself in a horrible fix where young as she is, she needs to make decisions that will save or condemn her family.

One has to admit that it is a tough world out there and the salvation of the family lies in the magic that only the spell masters can wield. With her brother Alexei dwindling away and the Bolsheviks persecuting and assassinating the spell masters across Russia, hope is thin.

Romanov is a brilliant read. It had my heart racing and my eyes tearing at so many instances. Yet there were times when I smiled. I would highly recommend picking it up if you haven’t already. In fact, I’m heading out to see  what other books have been published by Nadine Brandes.

Have you read Romanov By Nadine Brandes? What did you think of the book? We would love to know your opinion in the comments below.

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