Places To Eat At On Gili Trawangan

June 2nd, 2017|Asia, Destinations, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia, Lombok|

We tried a wide variety of restaurants and local cuisine during our 8 day stay on Gili Trawangan and I think you may benefit from our experiments. In fact, I think it would be wise to learn from our mistakes. After traveling through various parts of Indonesia, I can say this with certainty: Food in [...]

Crossing The Sea To Reach Gili T.

May 25th, 2017|Asia, Bali, Destinations, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia, Lombok, Ubud|

Gili Trawangan certainly brings to mind a number of pleasant memories. In fact I often think of going back there. While people have different experiences on the island, I was glad to have visited its shores during the low season. While at most times Gili Trawangan is a popular destination for young tourists many people [...]

FROM BROMO TO IJEN: The Journey Begins!

May 4th, 2017|Asia, Destinations, Indonesia, Java|

Life is all about what you do and where you go. After an amazing couple of days at Mount Bromo, we were finally all set to head out to our next destination: Mount Ijen! Yes… Another volcano but this one spits out blue fire instead of ash and smoke.  Our journey from Bromo to Ijen [...]


December 5th, 2016|Asia, Destinations, Indonesia, Java|

I’ve had a certain fascination with volcanoes for a long time and the urge to see one seemed to overpower me. After a lot of research, we decided that if we were going to trek up a volcano it had to be a relatively easy trek and it had to be worth our while. That [...]


December 1st, 2016|Asia, Bali, Destinations, Indonesia, Ubud|

Right in the center of Bali lies a small village called ‘Ubud’. It is a place well known for its rice fields and its Indonesian experience. You will however find that Ubud will surprise you just as it surprised us. We went there expecting a small quiet village but we found a bustling city. Yes! [...]


November 30th, 2016|Asia, Bali, Destinations, Indonesia, Ubud|

Three short days were not enough to do justice to Ubud. Palaces remained unseen and a number of places remained unvisited. Our third day ended with us being excruciatingly tired. We were making our way to Suparsa’s guesthouse when we stumbled across some people who were selling tickets for a fire dance that was to [...]

MOUNT BATUR: Our first glimpse at a volcano!

November 29th, 2016|Asia, Bali, Destinations, Indonesia, Ubud|

It is so easy to get overwhelmed by things that surround you. The craze to see a volcano drove us across countries till we landed on the coasts of Indonesia. It was only at Mount Batur that we caught our first ever glimpse of a volcano. While it is an active volcano, Mount Batur neither [...]