Sheraton Montazah Hotel In Alexandria: A Hotel Review

/////Sheraton Montazah Hotel In Alexandria: A Hotel Review

I never thought we would get to visit Alexandria and when it happened, I was over the moon. I’ve finished talking all about the different places we visited and how we got there but I haven’t dipped into where we stayed. Our choice was the Sheraton Montazah hotel. Now there are numerous other hotels which are either cheaper or better, but our pick was based on the Starwood’s program and the fact that we earned points from the stay. To be truthful, we found that there were a number of pros and cons when it came to staying in the Sheraton Montazah hotel. I just thought it would be nice to give you a 360 degree view of our experience.


The hotel draws its name from the Montazah palace that is next door. You will find that the location of the Sheraton Montazah hotel is both a pro and a con. Located away from the heart of the city, it takes a while to reach the city centre when you want to explore. If you are looking for some private relaxation, then it may just be what you need. The grounds of the Montazah palace are quiet an beautiful for an evening stroll. The private beach of the hotel literally beckons you over.

The one thing that we did like about the location was its proximity to the sea. It gave us a gorgeous view to get up to every morning.


At first glance the Sheraton Montazah hotel appears huge and impressive. You turn into a lane where you are greeted by security guards who take note of everything including your cab driver’s license. The lobby however is definitely less impressive and smaller. While the outside of the hotel looks plush, the inside has a quaint old vibe to it. It isn’t ill repair but more like a building that has stood the test of time and still stands proud.

At this juncture I must add a note about our experience. We found that the staff in the hotel were exceptionally polite. On arrival we were notified that the air conditioning of the hotel was under maintenance which meant that we would have to rely on the cool ocean breeze. Since we arrived in the middle of the night, we decided to stay.


The room in the Sheraton Montazah hotel in Alexandria, Egypt

The room in the Sheraton Montazah hotel in Alexandria, Egypt.

The room that we were given was really nice. It was spacious and had a balcony which gave us front row seats of the Mediterranean sea. Truth be told, the room itself wasn’t extraordinary. It was exactly what one would expect in a room in the Sheraton chain. It was the view from the balcony that made me fall in love with our accommodation.


We spent most of our time exploring Alexandria, so we did not use most of the facilities. The Sheraton Montazah hotel has a gym, executive lounge, a couple of fine dining restaurants, a private beach, a pool area and much more. Despite not being close to the heart of the city, the hotel is pretty self-sustaining in a way that one can keep oneself occupied comfortably.

If you are in the area and would like a hotel away from the noise of the city, I would suggest staying at the Sheraton Montazah hotel. You can use the link to take you to check the hotel out in more detail.

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